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Where Timeless Moments Become Treasured Family History!


At Apolonia Photographie Studio, we are more than photographers;

we are keepers of your family's history and storytellers of your legacy.


Our humble studio is a place of love and laughter,

where we skillfully preserve the tender moments that fill your hearts.


From the tender anticipation of pregnancy to the precious arrival of

your newborn baby and every milestone that follows, our mission is to

document the journey, creating a treasure trove of memories that will

be cherished by generations to come.


Allow us to be your trusted Sydney photographer,

guiding you through these unforgettable moments with love and care.

Together, let's create a legacy that captures the enduring beauty of your family's love.


Welcome to our family, where every chapter of your life is framed

with love and etched into the heart of your family's history.



About Marie

I have been photographing babies and families since 2013.

I established my photography business, Apolonia Photographie, after having my first son back in 2012. Since then, I have built a boutique photography studio located in the Western Sydney suburb of Lidcombe. I am excited about growth and learning and have I applied this passion to newborn, baby, and maternity photography for many years and have learned from the best in the industry.

Since its inception, my business has grown into photographing toddlers, children,
families, and corporate clients in my photography studios located in Lidcombe, Castle Hill, Petersham, and outdoor locations.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.


About Marie

I have been photographing babies and families since 2013. I established my photography business, Apolonia Photographie after having my first son back in 2012. Since then, I have built a boutique studio photography studio located in the Western Sydney suburb of Lidcombe. I am excited about growth and learning and have applied this passion to newborn, baby, and maternity photography for many years having learnt from the best in the industry. Since its inception, my business has grown into photographing children, families, corporate clients in both my photography studio and outdoor locations.



Baby Lifestyle Photography Sessions


Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are perfect for those parents and families wanting a more natural approach to their photographs. These are perfect for babies under 1 month of age. I focus on the connection between the families and their newborn babies. Babies are photographed asleep or awake. These sessions typically do not involve props. These sessions typically run for 1 to 1.5 hours.


My Lifestyle photography sessions are held in Castle Hill Pop-Up Studio or in the comfort of your home. Please be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive information on these dates.


Baby Photography Western Sydney

A major benefit of hiring Apolonia Photographie Studio for your professional baby photos is cost efficiency.


If you are in the market for professional yet affordable newborn and baby photography in Sydney, Apolonia has you covered.


We are available to travel to our client’s residence within Sydney and in 2022 officially launched our Castle Hill Pop-Up Studio!

We have experience in capturing creative pictures of newborns – which could pose serious challenges for those photographers that are inexperienced. As a photographer, it is required that one exercises loads of patience so as to be able to capture great moments when the baby could put up her lovely smiles and other sweet facial expressions. Apolonia provides baby photography in Sydney without compromising on quality.


As newborn photographers, we know all the newborn props to utilize in order to easily and creatively capture those special moments without hassles. Newborn photography is in popular demand by several Sydney parents, and we think you deserve the best times captured with your babies, with Apolonia Photographie Studio!

newborn-photographyMinimum Purchase $500Lifestyle Newborn , Maternity, Baby photography , Posed Newborn and Moody Fine Art Portrait SessionsStudio Photography
Fresh 48 Photography Session by Apolonia Photographie StudioMinimum Purchase $500
Fresh 48 sessions are taken in the hospitals within the first 48 hours of baby being born . Service available for various hospital within the Sydney region.

Fresh 48
corporate-headshotsMinimum Purchase $200Want to look the part for that next job? Why not update your corporate headshots for your LinkedIn profile with us? Corporate Headshot

Sydney Newborn, Baby & Family Photography


The moment your precious newborn graces your life is an indescribable miracle, a culmination of love and anticipation that has been building over a remarkable 9-month journey. In today's world, it's all too easy to rely on smartphones to capture these cherished moments, but what many don't realize is just how quickly newborns transform before our eyes. That's why we, as Sydney photographers, believe wholeheartedly in the power of newborn photography sessions here in Lidcombe, Inner Western Sydney.


Apolonia Photographie Studio has been passionately dedicated to this craft for over a decade, and our journey has been enriched by the incredible families we've had the honor of working with. Some of our most loyal clients have been with us for an entire decade, and we cherish the trust they've placed in us to document their life's most precious moments. As a token of our gratitude, we offer these devoted clients special bonuses, and a heartfelt thank you for allowing us to be part of their photographic journey.


At Apolonia, we understand the immense value of freezing these precious moments in time. We consider ourselves not just photographers but memory guardians, preserving the fleeting details of your newborn that you'll want to hold onto forever. Our approach is deeply personal, capturing not just your baby but the warmth and love that surrounds them in those early days. We believe in the power of quality over quantity, providing unwavering attention to detail to ensure that your family's heirlooms are nothing short of magical.


In the heart of Lidcombe, Inner Western Sydney, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Let us, as your trusted Sydney photographers, be the custodians of your most cherished memories, ensuring that the tiny fingers, the gentle smiles, and the profound love that fills your home during this special stage remain alive in stunning photographs for generations to come. Because at Apolonia, we understand that some moments are too precious to fade away.


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Apolonia Photographie Studio is here to create and freeze time, to help you memorize those tiny newborn details which we all will forget as time passes by.

Styles For Your Newborn Photoshoot In Sydney

Each baby photography session is unique. Posed newborn photography sessions are perfect for those wanting props with their photographs, and Lifestyle newborn sessions which focus more on connection with the family and involves no props as such.

When a client contacts me, I take the time to understand what it is that you are after.

Are you after those curly newborn photos which involves babies being wrapped up and posed sleeping in props, or are you after photographs which are classic, timeless and all about the family?

These are questions that I ask to understand what it is that is important to you and your family. I specialise in baby photos in Sydney, and would love to capture these special moments for you.

Posed Newborn Photography Sessions

Posed newborn photography sessions are highly recommended for babies under the 12 days of age. Babies at this age, will pose and curl better as they are freshly out of the womb. Babies under the 12 days of age generally sleep for longer periods.

My posed newborn session includes parents, and sibling shots and on requests grandparents. These sessions typically go for 2 to 3 hours to allow time for feeding, changing props and resettling babies after prop changes.

When to book your baby photography in Sydney?

I have a limited amount of bookings per month. I highly recommend clients book as early as possible in the earlier parts of their pregnancy to secure a spot in my diary.

I typically am booked out 3 months in advance.

Newborn Safety

Your baby's health and safety is important to me. It is the reason why I am up to date with my vaccinations. Babies will come to the studio with little immunity. It is important that I help protect these tiny babies.

I have spent 8 years training and studying newborn photography from some of the best in the country and internationally. Safety is a big aspect of this.

I am supportive of posing babies in a more natural approach. I discuss this with prospective clients prior to booking in.

A clean hygiene is critical, I ensure to sanitize prior to touching the baby and wear a mask during sessions.

Am I the right newborn photographer for you?

I encourage all my prospective clients to do their research when booking a newborn photographer to ensure they are the right fit for their families.

Newborn photographers have different styles to their work. It is important to look through their galleries and to ensure they understand pricing structures.

My style to newborn photography is a minimalist approach. I want to capture the essence of your newborn baby.


Posed newborn sessions attract a talent fee of $200.

Lifestyle newborn sessions in the studio attract a talent fee of $150.

Home lifestyle newborn session attract a talent fee of $180.

Print packages with or digital file packages are purchased on top.

Print packages with digitals start from $769

Digital packages start from $650

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Client Testimonial

Marie was fantastic!! I have a strong willed 2yr old and a newborn and Marie managed to get them both on board and create not only one perfect shot but many. I strongly recommend to go to Marie for all your photography needs. The way the final products are presented are beautiful and very professional ( I'm a sucker for anything wrapped in tissue paper). The images are given on a lovely wooden keepsake USB. I can't speak highly enough of our experience!

Linda Askin

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