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Carrying a baby is one of the most significant moments I experienced in my life. I was lucky enough to get pregnant twice and give birth to two amazing boys. How I wished I had taken the opportunity to get professional maternity photographs of myself!

Pregnancy is a journey which brings most people joy and happiness. Which is why I love to capture these everlasting moments myself and am now a trusted maternity photographer in Sydney.

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I encourage women to celebrate their beautiful bumps of joy. I photograph women in the later stage of their pregnancy. Towards the end of the second trimester and into the early weeks of the last trimester. I suggest for clients to book in their pregnancy photo shoot in Sydney as early as possible. I often have clients booking me within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It allows me to secure a spot in my diary early.  If you’re looking for pregnancy photography in Sydney, contact me, I would love to capture this special moment for you.

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When looking for a maternity photographer, understanding the photographer’s style is important. We all work differently and have our own sense of style. When clients call on my service, I ask them why me? Most say they love my minimalist style and the use of whites which gives us a soothing and angelic vibe. I typically provide services for – newborn photography in Sydney and family photography in Sydney.

I chat with clients about what they would love and what they want to achieve during their maternity photo shoot in Sydney. We discuss all the things that matter to you. Types of shots you’d like. Bare bumps, modern-day clothing or a whimsical gown. Is your partner involved? Will there be kids in your maternity photographs? Would you like an outdoor or indoor maternity session? Would you prefer a chilled-out lifestyle session in your home? These are the types of questions I ask my clients. It allows me to understand you and what you would love to achieve during your maternity/pregnancy photography session. Maternity photography differs from person to person, which is why I like to gather your expectations before we even begin to ensure you are comfortable the whole way through.

We discuss why you should take the opportunity to get your hair and make-up done! (Let’s face it, most of us just live in baggy clothing when we are pregnant). Why not take this time to get your hair and makeup done. Maternity lifestyle photography should be a time for you to shine. It is the time to reflect and celebrate the new life you are carrying, and soon be hugging. During our session, we will photograph those important shots discussed in our consultation. We will ensure to capture the moments between you and your family before your new addition arrives.

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It is my job to make sure you feel comfortable and extremely beautiful on the day of your maternity shoot in Sydney. After the photography session clients will receive a proofing gallery within a week to pick and choose their photographs. These photographs are beautifully hand edited.

I offer clients the opportunity to order digital files or printed products. Taking home your photographs and being able to look back on these moments with your children is the perfect way to remember the days when you carried your child. It allows us to bond further with our children.

I offer clients the opportunity to purchase packaged prints or digital files only. I assist clients in creating the perfect wall art in their homes. If you’re looking for maternity photos in Sydney, get in touch and let’s chat.


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