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With my almost 9 years of experience in the photography industry, you may think that I’m getting used to what I do, but in reality,
every photoshoot session that I do is still a fresh feeling for me. I still get excited, nervous, and nostalgic as I think about the years when I was still starting with my career.
I believe that every photography session is special. So I always prepare myself to be the best every day for my clients. I love the feeling every time I enter my studio knowing that I have new clients to photograph, and with photography,
I get to meet different people, and eventually, they become friends of mine!


My studio is also my second home. For me, it’s a place of constant learning.


Here in our studio, Apolonia Photographie will definitely make you long-lasting photography shots.
Apolonia Photographie offers a wide variety of studio shots; be it your newborn photography session, maternity photoshoot, family photoshoot, baby photography, or corporate headshots,
we got it all covered for you, and in our studio, you are the star! We are committed to delivering you only the highest quality and best of shots because that’s what you deserve.


Moreover, we believe that less is more. As you can see through our portfolio, we focus on simplicity and how we can highlight you. Photography is Art, and you are the subject, so as much as possible,
we want to craft and create photos that will last.


In our studio, we prioritize what our clients want, in order to create memorable photographs, communication is our top priority.
Before going into the photography session, a consultation is critical for us to understand what you would like to achieve for your maternity, newborn, family, or family photographs.


Apolonia Photographie is skilled and we want your safety and comfort in our humble studio, so everything that we do is handled with care and delicacy.
We will make sure that you are comfortable, and we want to exceed your expectations with our crafts. We want you to come back to your home with satisfaction after coming to our studio. Apolonia Photographie will bring out the best in you!




Sydney Maternity/Pregnancy Photography



Maternity photoshoot is probably one of my favorite photoshoot sessions here in Apolonia Photographie studio.
A maternity photoshoot is taken during the 7th to 8th month of your pregnancy. During that period, your belly will be in perfect shape for a maternity photoshoot.


A maternity photoshoot is not just a souvenir of your pregnant days, but it is also Gold in the treasure box. It is a collection of one of your best moments as a woman — a reminder that you are beautiful and strong with your baby bump.
And here, at Apolonia Photographie studio, we can provide you the best maternity shoot that we can offer.


During a maternity photoshoot, we are very careful. This is also considered one of the intricate photoshoots since you are carrying yourself and your baby.
So we plan what kind and style you want to portray during the shoot to have the preparations ready.


As you can see through our portfolio, we are simple. We believe that you don’t need any fancy props or backdrops in your photos to have a better result, but it’s always how you present yourself,
and the best thing is — it’s our specialty! To bring out the best in our clients. That’s also one of the reasons why our clients come back to us, because they are satisfied, and they believed in our studio.


So if you’re looking for a photographer for your maternity photoshoot needs, then Apolonia Photographie Studio is here to help you.



Sydney Family Portraits



Having your family photographed is one of the most memorable experiences you can have as a family. It serves as a reminder that you and your family have documented some of your most unforgettable moments. It enables you to travel back in time. Having simple photography with your family incorporates a strong bond with your family members. That's why if you can, it is ideal to have your family photographed regularly.

Here in Apolonia Photographie Studio, we are dynamic, and we offer you different options for your family photography sessions.

Our indoor studio photoshoots are for you if you are into a minimalist style with a clean and sophisticated vibe. An indoor photoshoot is taken inside my humble studio. The good thing about having an indoor photoshoot is not having to worry about the weather. Also, a studio photoshoot can have a serene and consistent element, which can also impact you to feel at ease and more relaxed.

On the other hand, if you are more of an outdoor type of family, outdoor photography is most likely your vibe. Outdoor photography offers nature as your background. It allows you to be at one with nature and its elements.

Outdoor sessions are the best during those sun-kissed golden hours. I find early Autumn and late winter to be a beautiful time to photograph families especially those with little children. Daylight savings has our sunset hours an hour earlier which means kids are not up late past their bedtimes. Once daylight savings finishes up our sunsets later which means you could be shooting later in the day. All these are always considered when I speak to families about different options.

Ideally, family photography should also be taken yearly or every second year; with this, you can see the growth and changes in your family. For example, a new addition to the family with your newborn or a new hairstyle for your kids! There are so many things that change through time, and sometimes, we forget that those episodes in our life happened, but with photographs, you can backtrack all those moments in an instant; that's why I highly recommend family photography.

Apolonia Photographie Studio also caters to candid and formal poses in your family portraits. If you are up for exciting and funny moments, then candid shots are definitely for your family! The good thing about candid shots is it captures the genuine emotions of your family. Just interact with each other naturally and Apolonia Photographie Studio will handle the rest. It is also one of the shots that we enjoy capturing during photoshoots.

And if your family is into artistic and more dramatic poses, then a formal photo shoot is what you’re looking for. Formal poses incorporate that melodramatic mood in your photo and follow a certain concept and style.

So if you're looking for the best family photographer, then Apolonia Photographie Studio is right here waiting for you!



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